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An introduction to kitchen faucets

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An introduction to kitchen faucets

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Types of kitchen faucet body

Before looking at different styles of faucets, it is important to consider what type of faucet your sink can accommodate. Unless you are designing a new home from scratch, your sink is probably pre-drilled for a certain faucet style. To minimize cost and labor, you can choose a type of faucet body that fits the perforated spaces. However, a professional can always come in and change his sink to accommodate a different style.

The following are the basic types of faucet body from which you can choose:

Single-hole faucet: This style has the nozzle and handles combined in one unit. It is ideal for a minimalist kitchen where you prefer super elegant accessories.

Bridge faucet: The bridge is essentially a bar that sits on the counter and connects separate hot and cold water handles to a central peak. It may require two or three holes depending on the design. Associate bridge faucets with a more traditional look.

Generalized faucet: in this style, the bridge is below the counter surface, so the nozzle and hot and cold water handle each protrudes from a separate countertop hole. Depending on the design of the accessory, a generalized faucet may seem modern or traditional in terms of style.

Faucet handle styles

One of the main factors to consider when choosing a faucet is if you prefer one or two handles. Some owners prefer a one-handed operation with a single handle that controls both pressure and temperature. You can also create a more elegant look for your countertop since fewer knobs and accessories protrude from the sink. However, some owners prefer two separate handles for hot and cold water. This looks more traditional and also makes it a bit easier to precisely adjust the temperature and water pressure.

Also, you should consider the driving operation style you prefer. A kitchen faucet usually has a rotating knob or a lever that can pull up, down and side to side. Try both types before choosing one.

Faucet styles

While the handles are important, do not overlook the many types of kitchen faucets available. Each has its unique aesthetic and functional characteristics that make it preferable for certain owners. Here are some main styles to choose from:

Straight nozzle: This nozzle generally has a longer reach over the kitchen sink. The lower profile is ideal for tight spaces and can help reduce splashing since water does not fall from a high point before touching the bottom of the sink. This style of nozzle is more traditional in appearance.

Gooseneck Mouthpiece: This mouthpiece has a high bow that helps fill deep pots with ease. It is located a little above the sink, so it has more space to wash the dishes. It has a modern style that attracts many of today's owners.

Cayado de pastor's pipe: This unique pipe style generally extends horizontally over the sink with a slight downward curve at the end. This pipe has a rustic look that blends well with an agricultural-style sink.

Faucet finishes

There are many types of faucet finishes to choose from. These are some of the most popular styles:

Brass: These faucets are easy to clean, but they are more expensive. Brass faucets can come with a bright and polished finish or a slightly matte satin finish, depending on your preference.

Bronze rubbed with oil: The bronze faucets rubbed with oil are durable and easy to clean, and show no water stains or fingerprints. It is a relatively expensive finish, but it is an excellent combination of traditional style faucets.

Nickel: Nickel is durable, easy to clean and a little less expensive than other options. It has a very modern and contemporary look and is available in a polished or brushed finish.

Chrome: Chrome shows water stains and fingerprints, but is easy to clean and is one of the least expensive finishing options.

Copper: Copper requires a little more maintenance, but it has natural antibacterial properties. It provides a rustic look that is unique and elegant.

There are so many options when choosing the best kitchen faucet for your home. We hope this guide will help you reduce your options and find the faucet that suits your lifestyle and the aesthetics of your home.

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