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Jewelry Armoire - How to Select

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What is a jewelry armoire

Jewelry and jewelry are some of the most valuable possessions we can possess in life. Since time immemorial, jewels are not only appreciated for their magnificence, but they are also highly prized because they are generally made of precious stones and metal. Jewelry pieces symbolize the social stature of a person. Therefore, the more jewelry a person has, proves that he is rich and rich.

Since they consider that these items are priceless, it is logical to keep them in a safe place. Most women see jewelry boxes and chests as some common options for storing jewelry and other valuable items. But sometimes a person's jewelry collection is too much for a single box. Here, she will need a larger space. And a piece of furniture may well provide this, which we generally refer to as jewelry armoire.

In simple terms, a jewelry cabinet is a piece of tall furniture that stores and organizes several pieces of jewelry. It is a spacious option for women who have more than one jewelry collection, as they design it to organize jewelry pieces and store them in a safe place, away from sight. It derives the name of the furniture from the French word "Ar-Moire", which means a large cabinet with ornate shelves to store a particular item.

They usually make a typical tall jewelry armoire with "complex" sections to store and organize different pieces of jewelry. It also makes them look like conventional furniture on the outside but they have a "special function" inside. The main purpose of this household item is to allow them to easily locate a person to store the jewelry correctly and organize them according to the types of jewelry at the time they use them.


There are 2 types of jewelry cabinets and these are the type of foot and the top of the dresser.

Standing Type: Best standing jewelry armoire is designed to hold many collections of jewelry. They are mainly built to store jewelry, but the owner can also use them to store scarves and lingerie, since there is an additional compartment for these items, since some women consider that these things are priceless. Standing cabinets are some pieces of fine furniture ever created. Their designs are specifically designed to combine with modern bedroom concepts and at the same time hide valuables inside. It often manufactures the best wood materials (oak and cherry). That is why they are often appreciated at the most inclined end depending on the materials, as well as the manufacturer of the product.

Dressing table: it often makes this type of jewelry cabinet tall and has 2 swing doors that open on opposite sides. They design the doors to store necklaces, since they have hooks to hang this type of jewelry. In addition to that, the top cabinet of the dresser also includes several drawers where you can store your rings, earrings, bracelets, anklets, etc.

The average size of the top of a dresser is usually 10 to 14 inches tall and 10 to 14 inches wide and the price range is between $ 100 and $ 300 (or more, depending on the furniture manufacturer) .

Advantages of having a jewelry armoire

It is possible that some see armoire furniture as an ordinary item, but in reality, the advantages are having these things inside your room:

  • Organize your stuff: Obviously, this is one of the main reasons to have this in your home. But looking further, the more you organize your jewelry, the less trouble you will find to locate your things once you need to use them for special occasions such as a dinner or a cocktail.
  • Add beauty to your room: In addition to its main function, the jewelry armoire also acts as decorative pieces to attract more to your room.
  • Inheritance: Most women like to pass their jewelry as relics for their daughters and other younger family members. If this is the case, then it also makes sense to make a jewelry armoire as a relic for those who will transmit their jewelry collection to the next generation. They will need a safe place to store these items. And the older the furniture is, the more expensive it becomes.

Tips to select the perfect jewelry armoire

If you are looking for that perfect jewelry armoire for your bedroom, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Work with your budget: Determine the amount of money you will spend on a fine piece of a jewelry armoire. Work with your budget as much as possible. Don't spend too much if you find a more attractive design. Look for a cheaper alternative instead.
  • Choose independent designs: if you are looking for a unique piece of furniture to store jewelry, then opt for armoire designs that are unique such as rattan and bamboo. These cabinets often come with detailed designs. What distinguishes your piece from the rest.
  • Classic and elegant that radiates glamor: if you are more traditional, then opt for classic and elegant designs. Not only will it give you a glamorous effect in your room, but it will also provide you with additional hooks and pockets to store earrings and necklaces securely.
  • Choose a wood finish that matches your style: the light cherry wood cabinets convey a warm atmosphere while the oak finishes give a fresh feeling. As much as possible, try to choose a wood finish according to your personality, and you will never be wrong. Another tip that we can suggest is to choose a wood finish according to the dominant color inside your room and opt for something, in contrast, so that this furniture is notable for the rest of the items you have in your room.
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